Why Lifeline?

Accidents happen in a split second. With more than 200,000 lives saved, in the course of 21 years, Lifeline has become a trusted and premiere medical provider in the Philippines.

  • 12 mins average response time
  • Access to a fleet of helicopters & jets
  • Over 250 staff members
  • Over 100 ready doctors-on-call
  • Over 200,000 members covering 3,400,000 people in Metro Manila

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Over 40 ambulances with multiple points of dispatch

We Provide 24/7

Emergency Quick Response

We provide 24/7 quick & reliable response and transportation while providing the finest medical care when transporting patients. "Virtual Emergency Room On Wheels".

Interfacility Transfer

We provide transportation of ill and injured patients between hospitals to hospitals or from hospitals to home or home to any treatment facilities. (Booking is required.)

Standby and Medical Airlifts

We provide standby ambulances for events for all sporting, social, entertainment or corporate events. We provide medical airlifts of fixed wing and helicopter evacuation anywhere in the country.

D.O.C. Programs

D.O.C. programs consists of doctor on call, diagnostics on call, and driver on call. This is 24 hours service at your convenience.

Trusted Internationally
Provided Close In Medical Support For The Following VIPs

George W. Bush
Pope Francis

Our Mobile Application

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking of your location anywhere in the Philippines. Just open the application, press the button and Lifeline will do the rest.

Payment For Services

You can pay the service you availed through the application, again, just like in our Lifeline Membership web page.

Apply for Membership

You can apply for individual or household membership just like in our Lifeline Membership web page.

Status and Transactions

You can check the status of your membership and the details of your previous transactions.